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What is “Minimally Invasive Dentistry”?

Oct 23 • 1 minute read

Its a fancy name for the evolving science which supports the concept of “Less is more” when it comes to dental treatment in children. It includes a whole gamut of treatment modalities including but not limited to - Fluoridevarnish application, Silver Diamine Fluoride for arrest of cavities, “SMART” fillings which require minimal tooth preparation and have a healing effect on the cavity with Fluoride release, Composite resin fillings, Hall stainless steel crowns for treating cavities in very young preco-operativekids and Resin Infiltration with ICON which is a drill-free treatment of white spot lesions in permanent front teeth. The days of large silver amalgam fillings are numbered especially in young children with the plethora of some great materials out there and the right evidence based application in pediatric dentistry. Make sure you ask your child’s pediatric dentist about these minimally invasive treatment options for your child at his/her next appointment.

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What is “Minimally Invasive Dentistry”?

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